Friday, April 30, 2010

CL Manager 2009/10 Analysis

This year I beat my 8 years manager nemesis Mora and Muhammad Faris FC Barcelona. A feast for true CONSISTENCY manager. Those who waste time playing lifeless manager game can go dai. Real manager observe from beginning to end, know all the resources, know the injuries, AND MOST OFF ALL..THINK OUTSIDE THE EPL crap...

I'm not #1 in the world, but the aim achieved.

The turning point of the game, climb back to higher rank toMessi  as captain double point for his 4 goals against Arsenal

Semifinal - The famous 5-6 kamikaze formation. Either win all, lose all. Work like charms at San Siro.

Final day setup...went pretty bad, but still beat my nemesis.

Endgame table. So many time already undisputed champion of personal league.

Slip on the final day as 2nd top malaysian in the league. 5 out of 120, maybe only 50 active in the last few round.

Lets see what if I can do better next year.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Final Winter Rain 2009/10

Perhaps today 16th May  is the final winter rain for Doha. Last year fall on 12 April 2009.

Burn De' Fat Mode.

* Iniya Tamizh Puthaandu Nalvazhthukkal to everybody :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday 2010 Notes

insert = losail circuit

insert = makan2 thai smile

insert = map gps movement


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