Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013 Part 2

Artikel belum complete

Sepanjang hari (24jam) hujan di Kuala Lumpur.

Gig artis international attended during 2013

17 February - Paramore (1) @ Stadium Negara

4 March - Soundwave @ Perth
- Metallica (1)
- Anthrax
- Slayer
- Blink 182
- Bullet For My Valentine
- Dragonforce
- Killswitch Engage
- Linkin Park (1)
- Paramore (2)
- Crossfaith (1)
- Duff McKagan's Loaded
- Periphery
- Miss May I
- A Perfect Circle
- Memphis May Fire

16 March - Prodigy @ FMF Sepang

27,28 April - Hammersonic @ Jakarta
- Cradle of Filth
- Epica
- Destruction
- Cannibal Corpse
- As I Lay Dying
- Gorod
- Putrid Pile

18 August - Disgorge @ Solaris Publika

19 August - Linkin Park (2) @ Stadium Bukit Jalil

21 August - Metallica (2)  @ Stadium Merdeka

24 August - Metallica (3) @ Singapore

12 October - Arthur's Day 2013 @ Medan
- Steelheart
- Firehouse

17 October - Rockaway Fest 4 @ KL Live
- Bring Me The Horizon
- Enter Shikari
- Crossfaith (2)

7 November - Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal @ KL


24 March - GnR @ Sepang
17 August - Smashing Pumpkins @ Sepang

27 September - All American Rejects @ Sepang

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Best of 2013

This year best of the best 2013.

Top 3 Best Metal song 2013.

1 ) Heaven Shall Burn - Land Of The Upright Ones (Veto, 2013)

2) Carcass - Mount of Execution (Surgical Steel,2013)

3) Trivium - Strife (Vengeance Falls, 2013)

( ....I am Trivium fan, byers..boo!)

Honorable Mention

Dagoba - Yes We Die (Post Mortem Nihil Est,2013)
Crossfaith - Eclipse (Apocalyze,2013)
Children of Bodom - Scream For Silence (Halo of Blood, 2013)
Battle Beast - Out On The Streets (Battle Beast,2013)
Michael Kiske - The Land of New Hope (Timo Tolkki's Avalon,2013)
Avantasia - Sleepwalking (Mystery of Time, 2013)
Crashdiet - Anarchy (Savage Playground,2013) Glamrock!

My Disappointment (Album)

1) Megadeth - Super Collider
2)Helloween - Straight Out of Hell
3) Bullet For My Valentine - Temper Temper


December 2013

Thaurorod - Anteinferno
V/A - Live At Wacken 2012
Kaross - Two
Europe - Live At Sweden Rock - 30th Anniversary Show
Valkyrja - The Antagonist's Fire
Hell - Curse & Chapter

November 2013

Human Fortress - Raided Land
Warbringer - IV: Empires Collapse
Black Trip - Goin' Under
Temple Of Baal - Verses Of Fire
Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous... Vol. 2
Saxon - Unplugged And Strung Up
Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry Of Consciousness
Generation Kill - We're All Gonna Die
Iron Mask - Fifth Son Of Winterdoom
Avatarium - Avatarium

October 2013

Red Fang - Whales And Leeches
Inquisition - Obscure Verses For The Multiverse
Place Vendome - Thunder In The Distance
Motörhead - Aftershock
Paradise Lost - Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)
Demonical - Darkness Unbound
Trivium - Vengeance Falls
Eden's Curse - Symphony Of Sin
Scar The Martyr - Scar The Martyr
Shining - 8 ½: Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd

September 2013

Running Wild - Resilient
Death Angel - The Dream Calls For Blood
MyGrain - Planetary Breathing
Satyricon - Satyricon
Wisdom - Marching For Liberty
Grave - Morbid Ascent
Dream Theater - Dream Theater
Glamour Of The Kill - Savages
Casablanca - Riding A Black Swan
Bombus - The Poet And The Parrot
Degradead - The Monster Within
Deals Death - Point Zero Solution
Ashes Of Ares- Ashes Of Ares

August 2013

Wolfpakk - Cry Wolf
Evocation - Excised And Anatomised
Soil - Whole
Annihilator - Feast
Watain - The Wild Hunt
Lingua Mortis Orchestra feat. Rage - LMO
Powerwolf - Preachers Of The Night
Infera Bruo - Desolate Unknown

July 2013

James LaBrie - Impermanent Resonance
Trouble - The Distortion Field
Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous... Vol. 1
Baroness - Live At Maida Vale
Mercenary - Through Our Darkest Days
Fueled By Fire - Trapped In Perdition
Fight Or Flight - A Life By Design?
Mad Architect - Journey To Madness
Lord Dying - Summon The Faithless
King Kobra - II
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals - Walk Through Exits Only
Dark Moor - Ars Musica
Lonewolf - The Fourth And Final Horseman
Huntress - Starbound Beast

June 2013

Coffins - The Fleshland
Rebellious Spirit - Gamble Shot
Amon Amarth - Deceiver Of The Gods
Victorius - The Awakening
Queensrÿche - Queensrÿche
Potential Threat SF - Civilization Under Threat
Graveyard Of Souls - Shadows Of Life
Civil War - The Killer Angels
Children Of Bodom - Halo Of Blood
Black Sabbath - 13
The Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack
Airbourne - Black Dog Barking
Imprecation - Satanae Tenebris Infinita
Megadeth - Super Collider
Battle Beast - Battle Beast
Masterplan - Novum Initium
Jorn - Traveller
Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall - Free Fall
Autopsy - The Headless Ritual

May 2013

Artlantica - Across The Seven Seas
Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn
Svartsyn - Black Testament
Immolation - Kingdom Of Conspiracy
U.D.O. - Steelhammer
Black Star Riders - All Hell Breaks Loose
Powerworld - Cybersteria
Anvil - Hope In Hell
Suidakra - Eternal Defiance
A Pale Horse Named Death - Lay My Soul To Waste
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - The Land Of New Hope (A Metal Opera)
Sodom - Epitome Of Torture
Vicious Rumors - Electric Punishment

April 2013

Gloomball - The Distance
Skid Row - United World Rebellion: Chapter One
Ghost - Infestissumam
Freedom Call - Ages Of Light 1998-2013
Kingdom Come - Outlier
Iced Earth - Live In Ancient Kourion
Gama Bomb - The Terror Tapes
Tribulation - The Formulas Of Death
Amorphis - Circle
Heartist - Nothing You Didn't Deserve
Orchid - The Mouths Of Madness
Device - Device
Suicidal Tendencies - 13
Pretty Maids - Motherland
Axel Rudi Pell - Live On Fire

March 2013

Killswitch Engage - Disarm The Descent
GloryHammer - Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife
Avantasia – The Mystery Of Time
Kvelertak– Meir
Anthrax– Anthems
Clutch – Earth Rocker
Essence – Last Night Of Solace
Sebastian Bach – ABachalypse Now
Horna – Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa
Hypocrisy – End Of Disclosure
Hardcore Superstar – C’mon Take On Me
Darkthrone – The Underground Resistance
Heavatar – Opus I: All My Kingdoms
Lordi - To Beast Or Not To Beast

February 2013

Devourment - Conceived In Sewage
Bullet For My Valentine - Temper Temper
Thyrfing - De Ödeslösa
Stratovarius - Nemesis
Wolfchant - Embraced By Fire
Saxon - Sacrifice
Voodoo Circle - More Than One Way Home
Coldsteel - America Idle
Suffocation - Pinnacle Of Bedlam
Necrowretch - Putrid Death Sorcery
Helker - Somewhere In The Circle
Anger As Art - Hubris Inc.
Snakecharmer - Snakecharmer

January 2013

Vorum - Poisoned Void
Pink Cream 69 - Ceremonial
Circle II Circle - Seasons Will Fall
The Resistance - Rise From Treason
Alpha Tiger - Beneath The Surface
Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell
Crashdïet - The Savage Playground
Newsted - Metal
Deep Purple - Live In Paris 1975
Jorn - Symphonic
Stratovarius - Unbreakable
Holy Grail - Ride The Void
Giant X - I
Shakra - Powerplay

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Lawatan ke Pesta Pulau Pinang 2013

Berkunjung ke pesta pulau pinang pada 23 Disember 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Cup My

Sedap jugak. 1 cup around rm13-rm15 but 1 order is enough for two person. They also been generous providing meat/ chickcen in selected dishes. Halal.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

111111 @ old town Jln Ipoh

Hit last night on the way to Publika.

7.5 years from 000000 to 111111

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Poppy in september

Disturbing ambush mode

Request to play

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Best Oreo

Oreo Strawberry. Not available in Malaysia yet since 2013.

Cabe ijo Indomie

Quite good. Only available from Indonesia. Everytime aku pergi Indo mesti bawak balik benda ni.

Monday, September 30, 2013

110110 @ midvalley

Kelisa hit 110110 km this morning near midvalley on the way to work.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Death Knight reach level 90!

Lazy to level up the last toon to 90. Took a while. Achieved the  Quintessential Quintet

6 Jan 2012 

 3 Feb 2012

15 Sep 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Federal Highway Sehari Sebelum Raya 2013

Sehari sebelum raya, 8AM, antara jalan paling kronik, federal highway area kerinchi.

Tidak jem..seronok pi kerja macam ni...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Samurai burger

Back during ramadan 2013 , slightly salty.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Car-baked cookies

PHOTOS: Car-baked cookies by Salvino A. Salvaggio

It’s that time of year again - when Qatar temperatures climb to sweltering highs (it feels like 47 C right now-as today post!), making it so hot that you can bake cookies in your car.

Just for fun, Doha resident and business technology manager Salvino Salvaggio made a batch of chocolate chip cookies in his car over the weekend.

According to Salvaggio, the cookies taste almost as if they came out of a traditional oven. Above his step-by-step instructions (in three languages) in case you want to bake up some of your own.

A former Qatar resident tried this a few years back, with similar success.

source : Doha News

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No panty day

Malaysia maju 2013.
Boh sekali under topik valentine. Senang nak trace funky flyers.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Warrior Hit 90

Warrior, the 4th toon hit 90 today.

88 -89 4 hours average@ 200% exp.
89 -90 4 hours average @ 200% exp.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1st ramadan 2013

selepas 5 tahun 1st day luar malaysia....akhirnya di rumah, KL kita berbuka.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

KLonut - Kuala Lumpur's Cronut

At the time this article was posted, Cronut is becoming a sensation madness at New York. Created by chief Ansel. Today KLonut has reached Malaysian shore. Ada jual @publika. Comes in 3 flavour, peanut butter, lemon & merringue, cheese & chocolate. Cronut - croissant donut.

Kuala Lumpur Cronut

Friday, July 5, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Green Proto Drake Mount

Akhirnya lepas beberapa kali reload WoW, dapat mount ni....maybe 40-50 time try Oracle egg..

Happy Independent Day

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Warlock hit 90

Third toon reach 90. 3 days 85-90, casual play.

23 June 2013

19 Mac 2013


Sunday, June 16, 2013

The capers

Mid june 2013. Pic by me.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ku kencing dalam botol

Ku kencing dalam botol akhirnya. Malas nak cari toilet kat publika..blasah di dalam botol at parking lot basement....hihihi

Sunday, May 5, 2013

PRU 13

Google doodle PRU13. Selamat mengundi semua...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pancit canton

Opened the last pack from Doha, before it expire. Instant Noodle from Filipina.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

KFC Korean Crunch

Kfc limited edition korea crunch April 2013

Nyum nyum 4/5

Friday, April 12, 2013

Birthday treat at Williams

Tahun ni simple ja...

balik kerja tengah malam ada astro b.yond baru install. bangun ada kek! balik kerja, pi william, makan kambing, pening, tido awal.

kek, mini size...

Lamb & mandy rice, soda herb.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Paramore Return to Malaysia

Paramore telah kembali ke Malaysia untuk kali kedua. Ini kali kedua aku pergi tengok Paramore. First time aku tengok masa kat Singapore 3 tahun lepas. Last minit beli tiket pasal 2 minggu dari konsert Paramore in Malaysia ni aku akan tengok mereka main lagi dekat Perth untuk Soundwave festival.

Sebab beli jugak tiket sebab dia full showcase 1.30 setengah dan sampai few new songs from the upcoming album on April 2013.

Demam2 pun belasah ja la....komen aku, opening band from USA, MEWITHYOU main macam haram tak best. dah la poyo cakap berapa lagu lagi nak habis dok emo lagu semacam ja bunyi semua. Dekat sejam jugak main ....haram boring.

Maaf kamera cikai...

Setlist Paramore in Malaysia : Source

That's What You Get 
Born for This 
For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic 
In the Mourning 
The Only Exception 
Let the Flames Begin 
Looking Up 
Brick by Boring Brick

Hello Cold World 
Misery Business 

Mujurlah main indoor sound best......drummer baru tak best macam drummer lama but overall Paramore deliver it to the fans!


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