Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPM result 2010 Yang Gagal

Today SPM result come result this year, instant win,

(zoom pic to enlarge)

Who fail actually?

Why no standardize on subject name? ? Suddenly Prisip Perakaunan. There's even English For Applied Science.Why not Bahasa Inggeris Applikasi Sains? Surely can do that since got Bahasa Inggeris on the 2nd line.

Last line bottom, "SIJIL ATAU PERNYATAAN TIDAK DIKELUARKAN". Then apa ketahian kertas ni? Tisu lap taik?

My SPM time...I don't give a damn about Bahasa Melayu also (C6). Just for the sake not to reach grade P(pass). In 20 years time(present day)...I DONT SEE RELEVANT SHIT REGARDING TRANSFORMASI GENERATIF USING BY ME OR MY CLASSMATE  except for those being a teacher. Still have the subject?

Congrats to this SPM achiever. He has better perspective compare to me. In reality, I think, penjamin masa depan is nepotism and pengkronian. Bukan result SPM.


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