Thursday, January 27, 2011

215 Buku Roti

OK Go music video never let me down.. their latest videoclip for the song Last Leaf made by parnership Samsung NX100 iFn used 215 loaves of bread that were past their sell-by date and as such, rescued them from certain disposal.

Every second take 15 frame of shot. Memang  tekun habis...

Check out the youtube by the here

This is the art of the roti...

source : The Making of Last Leaf

Monday, January 24, 2011

Defination of Amauri

Defination of Amauri

Amauri v. Amauried, Amaurying, Amauris


1. To fail miserably: Amauried to fulfill their promises.

2. To be unsuccessful: An experiment that Amauried.

3. To cease functioning properly: The engine Amauried.

4. To become bankrupt or insolvent: Their business Amauried during the last recession.

1. To disappoint or prove undependable to: Our sentries Amauried us.

2. To abandon; forsake: His strength Amauried him.

3. To leave undone; neglect: Amauried to wash the dishes.

4. To give such a grade of failure to (a student): Amauried me in algebra.

Taken from forum. a satife of fun bashing to legendary Juventus lowest rate scoring striker Amauri.

I have more on him as appropriate time I'll post the fact.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Drummer Terjun Staff Party

Last week play for company monthly staff partyheld by shopdrawing department. Practice 1.5 night ja since everything was a last minute announcement.

I drum terjun from QC department

Setlist lagu ikut aturan,

1) Chris Daughtry - Over you

2) Nickel Back - This Is How You Remind Me

3) Limp Bizkit - Faith

4) Fra Lippo Lippi - Stiches And Burn

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Immortal Jellyfish

Turritopsis nutricula, the potentially immortal jellyfish, is a hydrozoan whose medusa, or jellyfish, form can revert to the polyp stage after becoming sexually mature.

It is the only known case of a metazoan capable of reverting completely to a sexually immature, colonial stage after having reached sexual maturity as a solitary stage. It does this through the cell development process of transdifferentiation. Cell transdifferentiation is when the jellyfish "alters the differentiated state of the cell and transforms it into a new cell." In this process the medusa of the immortal jellyfish is transformed into the polyps of a new polyp colony. First, the umbrella reverts itself and then the tentacles and mesoglea get resorbed. The reverted medusa then attaches itself to the substrate by the end that had been at the opposite end of the umbrella and starts giving rise to new polyps to form the new colony. Theoretically, this process can go on infinitely, effectively rendering the jellyfish biologically immortal,although in nature, most Turritopsis, like other medusae, are likely to succumb to predation or disease in the plankton stage, without reverting to the polyp form. No single specimen has been observed for any extended period, so it is impossible to estimate the age of an individual, and so even if this species has the potential for immortality, there is no laboratory evidence of many generations surviving from any individual.

Source: Wiki

p/s i think i read this somewhere in obefiend's link, but cant find the link..


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Short Winter

Today it rained lightly for the whole day .... is the winter ended? So short..? Sigh *


[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="ID"]

All picture above taken on next morning before going to work. Just outside my service aparment. Cloudy and gloomy weather all day long (18/19 Jan) with temperature at radius 22 degree.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Awesome cover Touch myself.

This is a nice cover song originated by The Vinyls - I Touch Myself.  Now this song is not for new fags. ..especially not for AJL 25 fags. This is a famous alternative song in the 90s. This song is for people like to syiok sendiri liao. Just look at the tittle.

If you look on the youtube comment, there is one comment amuse me --> "The reason they're so good is because they are using Voldemort for a director."

Do check out other wonderful cover by Scala & Kolacny Brothers such as U2 - With Or Without You(epic sadness cover!)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Time to don RED all over again this 12 January 2011 as the annual ROASTERS Eating Day (RED) is back!  Wear RED – the colour of life, to celebrate good health and vitality through good eating and healthy living with Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR).

A nice style promotion anyway..Makanlah ayam untuk kesihatan..

*Pasal aku suka kaler merah dan angka 12.




Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coakie : 2 Combo 2 Celebrations

Into 2011, with 2 eggsplotions...

nasty..counted fatality probably around 40-60. a good start to year 2011. many death by trap to come.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ayam masak merah ala 5'hour

Sebening pagi di tahun baru 2011....rashid kejutkan aku..tanya macam mana projek memasak sambutan 2011. barang semua dah beli.

rock chef in action dipagi tahun baru..Identiti disorokan supaya tidak dikejar peminat untuk menanya lebih lanjut mengenai teknik memasak resepi ini.

(gambar diatas bukan gambar seorang lelaki)

hari ni kita akan memasak ayam masak merah guna suhu yang tak panas langsung kalau pegang penghujung kuali. (heater dapur memasak kuasa rendah)

fillet ayam dimasak empat atau lima ketul satu batch. satu batch mengambil masa selama 20-30 minit untuk 90% masak. setelah habis masak...pastikan minyak itu build up kepanasannya sehingga mendidih semula sekitar 5-10 minit.

ya adik2 sekalian..percayakah anda untuk memasak sebakul filet ayam lazat ini mengambil masa lebih kurang empat jam. sungguh tekun aku dengan rashid memasak.

kemudian rojakkan brahim ayam masak merah 2 peket, masuk ghost peper sauce, bawang putih, bawang goreng, mambang putih, mambang oren, apa apa segala jadah ikut kelazatan...proses menunggu kuah ini mendidih mengambil masa sekitar 20 minit kerana kami  kepandaian kami mencairkan dengan air masak yang sudah mendidih.

kemudian semua bahan2 ayam dirojakkan dengan segala aneka tomato, bawang(lagi!!!), ubi kentang dan mengikut kelazatan sekalian alam. kami memanggil chef hasruddin menokok menambah perisa. hidangan untuk 4 orang ini mengambil masa sekitar 5.5 jam untuk disiapkan. terima kasih kepada dapur tidak panas.

hanya kesabaran sehingga panas jiwa menunggu telah memanaskan masakan ini sebenarnya.

mujur boleh makan.amin.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 New Year Activity

12.20 am bilik c11. tolong main drum untuk pinoy2 mabuk. ntah lagu pinoy apa pun aku tatau..main ja ikut tempo..yang aku the end of everysong..mesti cakap "happy new year" ...thank you kat aku...cheers, number one in SOJV...ntah apa depa merepek ...janji semua orang enjoy.

bilik C 11 , cabin for workers. dah convert jadi studio satu malam.

view from my console...

abih pukul 3 pagi..sejuk woooo.. probably 10 degree.


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