Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top 5 Metal Song for 2010

This will be my last post for 2010, not really a fancy year except having a good game of Argentina vs Brazil with Javier Zanetti sign on my centenary Inter shirt. This year no best movie, no best artist no best food or whatsoever. This will wrap up the bumper edition for this year. Best metal song this year, of course equally to the best metal album of the year.

#5 Incarnia - The Dawn of the Great Rebirth

(Canada - Death Metal) - This band & album surpassed As I Lay Dying 2010 album - Powerless Rise album. Almost all song in the album is neatly arranged.

#4 Envy - Rains Cloud Running In A Holy Night

(Japan - Screamo) - Close your eye and taste the orgasmic experimental metal. U2 overdosed? Most the track name is unique as well, try this song instead. Pieces Of The Moon I Weaved

#3 Elvenking - Play of The Leaves

(Italy - Folk Power Metal) - This is the remedy to the insufferable garbage Helloween album of 2010 "Unarmed" and "7 Sinner". Other notable track in this album is Those Days. Red Silent Tides (album) offer the sound of Helloween old-school era.

#2 Whispered - Blade In The Snow

(Finland - Samurai Power Metal) - Finnish playing Japanese. Best of both world. This album equally to Dragonforce of the east. Beware this fully abstract arrangement song is around 15 minutes long!

#1 Bullet For My Valentine - Last fight

(Wales - Metalcore)

Ah...sound familiar to Trivium, simple and catchy song. Unlike Trivium, most of the BFMV emphasis more into love concept. I like the music arrangement only anyway. Another good piano cover here .Other notable track is Your Betrayal.

p/s Mora cakap memorable moment of 2010 is the death of Paul Octopus. Happy new to all may prosper and live longer.

Coakie : Dead Start To '11

Winter is nice in Doha, infested with coakie a lot.

This is the batch reserved for new year. Another sad rotten egg carrier. Another mother died and unfortunately, the egg hatches early. But at least by 1 Jan 2011, the sling will still alive to see a glimpse of 2011 before sealing their fate of existence.

Coakies whispered happy new year to me and you...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

metal time

Blade in the snow

last fight

elven king - play of the leaves

envy - rains cloud running in a holy night

incarnia -

My Top 3 Commercial Songs for 2010

Sorry this year billboard suck big time...without further a due,

#3 - Sonic Syndicate - My Own Life

The technical arrangement of the chords and vocalist is simply crafty, but the long repeatable catchy chorus kill you in the end.Check out the acoustic version here


#2 - We Are The Fallen - I Am The Only One

Must be suprise huh! I also like calm sentimental song! by ex-Evanescence  with Carly (American idol) , this song personally just next to Tristania - Deadlocked in this rank category. If you like this, the you must like Sarah Mclahlan- Angel song as well. Have a break, close your eye and listen to another orgasmic cover for this song here

Drum rolls....

#1  - We The In Crowd - Never Be What You Want

Now doubt I like Paramore a lot so this top of my list. I've been listening to this song more than 500 times already for  the whole 2010...Actually the whole tracks in the  album rocks!


So what is your pick?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Coakie : Cristmas in Memories

Yeah this is coakie celebration for this year chrismas.

New pair, 1 rotten egg, 1 exploded but few coakie slings... a very dull christmas this year.

But its better than none.

Merry X'mas to all....

Friday, December 24, 2010

My first Eleven 2010

My personal pick for team of the year for 2010

(Perfomance & contribution factor)

Formation 2-6-2-1

ST Diego Milito (Inter Milan)

ST Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

AML Marek Hamsik (Napoli)

AMR Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan)

ML Gareth Bale (Totenham Hotspur)

MC Xavi (Barcelona)

MC Andres Iniestas (Barcelona)

MR Milos Krasic (Juventus)

DC Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)

DC Mamadou Sakho (Paris St.Germain)

GK Julio Cesar (Inter Milan)

Honourable Mentions Trio

Lassana Diara (Real Madrid)

Pedro (Barcelona)

Arjen Robben (Manchester United CL 09/10 Destroyer)

Personal Dustbin Trio

Amauri (Juventus)

Coutinho (Inter Milan)

Gyan Asamoah (Sunderland)

....So what's yours?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Finally my RM3600 Twinhead 12HL died after 4 year long serving harcore multitasking.

When I've purchased it during early 2007, it was among the highest spec;

AMD Athlon x2 64bit 1.63mHz , dedicated graphic card Nvidia GT6600, Ram 1GB, HDD 80GB, 12"  screen is expensive item compare to 14" or 15" + MODEM line 56.6k  phone port (This is old-skool!)

By the ripe of his ages at year end 2010, even a NETbook  around RM1k can surpassed this RM3.6K stuff.  In the urgency to continue my works, i have small choice of immediate replacement, so have to go with Acer 4738G.

Acer 4738G purchased by optimum criteria for music DAW, miscorsoft office, smooth run World of Warcraft. Other it on console!

[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="ID"]

The orange is the Twinhead 12HL , the bronze is Acer 4738G. The only thing left to do is salvaging the HDD since the ram and LCD is pretty useless for trade in or spare part. Hardly can see people using Twinhead because of hearing so much negativity on the brand and difficulties to get spare parts/services. (I don't see any problem with my 12HL..sooner or later it will die of over-worked)

Condolence, thanks for the long serving. Forza Twinhead!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best of Youtube 2010

Google has released the top 10 videos on YouTube for 2010 and the list does not disappoint. The list, posted below, consists of such classics as The Old Spice Guy, The bed intruder song, Double Rainbows (but what does it mean?) and several others that made the list this year.

According to the YouTube blog, "During 2010, you all watched more than 700 billion YouTube videos, and uploaded more than 13 million hours of video." These hefty numbers show that the Internet loves video and what it loves even more, are Video meme's.

Videos are becoming an integral part of the Internet experience, no long are we thriving for just pictures of events, but it is becoming quite common for videos to also taken at key events around the world. Despite our love for news, the top 10 consists of mostly humorous videos but there are a couple of videos that do showcase talent.

The list does exclude major label music videos, although OK Go's music video did make it into the top 10.

#10:  Ken Block’s Gymkhana, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l’Autodrome:

#9: Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan:


#7: OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version

- this is one of my personal videoclip of the year. I start to follow OK GO music clip since their previous creative work Here It Goes Again

#6: Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow

#5: Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

- This is creative approach but I prefer same asObefiend's blog choice. Check out this mind twisting advert Drench Cubehead

#4:  Annoying Orange Wazzup

- one of the evergreen global advertisement upgrade. In case you missed the original version.  I'm expecting more parodies in future.

#3: Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi

#2: TIK TOK KESHA Parody

#1: The Bed Intruder Song

- hands down!!!! Unbeatable youtube of the year..

source : + personal comments.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Image of the day: Guess porn?

Feeling horny today? Guess this !

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Coolest ViLLaiN Name : SweeTNeSS

Previously top of my rank is the longlasting Maleficent. A baddass name created by Disney. Even the character itself not so badass  looking as her name.

Last night watch on television, the movie Roller Bounce,  the main villain is Sweetness & his crew  Sweetwater Rollers.

This character is baddass as his moves...check it out..

Terus gua ebay itu movie...Long live roller-blades disco dancing.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Argentina vs Brazil(Game Day)

Yesterday was awesome... aku ingat game Argentina vs Brazil paling awesome...tapi ada lagi awesome suprise... Direct live jumpa Zidane, Alberto Parrera, Mario Kempes, Buruhchaga, Moustapha Hadji, Sami Al-Jabbar dan penyelit tak tentul fasal Alex Ferguson...hell yeah.. diorang datang terima "cenderahati" from Qatar gov...probably for WC2002 voting "gift".

(aspire stadium dari luar)

Gambar semalam...(sory kamera murah)

Half time 0-0, full time Argentina 1 Brazil 0, Messi (92th)

Seat aku agak ngam... 3rd from front. beli awal sebulan....sadly Qatar WC2002 in jeopardy last nite pasal ada hero main2 dalam padang(not sure capture live on tv or not)... and see how slow the fat staminaless police try to grab the hero...

Aku paling fuk orang2 macam ni dalam stadium, lagi mafaker dari peniup vuvuzuela...(although sapa bawak vuvu dan bendara bertiang kena remove before entrance)

1) datang main Blackberry fb chatting 90% of the game.. dok seat depan sekali plak tu..

2) datang mai guna camera phone nokia model low end cuba record 100% of the game..apa motif dia? dengan tangan bergerak keletihan..dan konfirm bateri akan abih sebelum game tamat (tak sempat snap pic)

3) datang mai pakai baju torres 9 spain (tak bley blah) when the game is Brazil vs Argentina

but this year ambience tak sepowerful like last year when Brazil vs England, but still ok.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Argentina vs Brazil(T-Day 2)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil-Adha. Setiap tahun genap aidil adha, mesti ada connection dengan geng2 serie A, dua tahun lepas tengok Juventus main, Legendary Captain - Del Piero just 10 meter dari aku. Tahun ni dapat closer to another Legendary Captain - Javier Zanetti, 0.5 meter ja. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.....

Why legendary?

1) As of 2010, Zanetti has not received a red card in more than eleven years. The last time he was sent off was on 17 February 1999 in a Coppa Italia match against Parma.

2)On October 20, 2010, at 37 years and 71 days, Zanetti became the oldest player to score in a UEFA Champion's League game when he scored a brilliant goal in the first minute of the game. Inter went on to win the group phase game against Tottenham 4-3. This was Zanetti's second Champion's League goal. The first one came in December 1998 when Inter played SK Sturm Graz

3)At Inter, Zanetti has had 15 different coaches (list), making him the only player to have played under this many coaches. His current contract with Internazionale runs until 2013 after he extended his contract at the summer of 2010.

4) More than 15 years plying trade to Inter Milan until the day I've posted this.


Today marked the second day for Argentina training session. Masa team arrive nobody got to see anything kerana semua player focused to rush into the stadium. Lagipun diorang sampai awal, aku pun sempat tengok halfway je players masuk stadium. Di Maria tersangatlah tinggi, Andres D'Alessandro tersanggatlah kerdil. Sadly, tak macam semalam(training day 1), this time around, siapa pun tak dibenarkan masuk. Its a closed session. So the best thing is to camp at the exit near the team bus prior to departure.

(crowd build up)

Gambar dia tas mencerminkan 15 minutes sebelum training habis. This is just like 30% of the real queue at the end.

We stand at the last line hoping the player will pause when queuing nak naik bas. Gosh apart from Argentina jersey, almost half of them pakai baju Messi. Only aku dengan Ansid(sebelah tu) ja geng Inter Milan... Kita orang dok kat spot sama from 7.10PM until 8.2oPM. Nekad. Mula2 bawak pen, poster and everything...but looking at the crowd, macam tarak harapan ja hari ni..

Finally the players march for predicted, memang diaorang tak berenti(just look on the video below)..kalau berenti pun 1-2 saat sign untuk budak2 ja. Aku simpan balik marker, angkat kamera taruk record view je lar..Aku pun sampai tak nampak apa2 dicelah kekalutan macha2 dan pare2 disitu...until Zahir zakap Zanetti marching..Check out the video..

Dengan lantas aku mencekangkan jersey belakang kadbod, kasi number "4" itu tersinar. Zanetti sudah kehadapan nak naik bas...lepas tu dia ternampak suatu yang familiar...bukan kertas, tapi "4" yang sungguh dikenali beliau. Tidak syak lagi, dia berpatah semula dari menaiki bas..aku menghulurkan baju itu...tetapi pen marker dalam poket. aku sempat kaut sebelah tangan,(sebelah pegang kadbod/jersey), tahan marker kat mulut sebab nak bukak penutup..last2 Zanetti tolong cabut pen marker dari mulut aku dan tolong sign. Tangan sudah penuh, tak sempat pegang kamera, redha je la apa yang record...

Orang lain pun tolak2 naik sign.. aku takut baju dia sign damage oleh marker2 berkeliaran, lantas terpaksa mengundurkan diri save baju tu seperti save yourself...tak sempat tengok remaining player yang nak blah.

(captain passing over ignoring the crowd)

Ini satu lagu angle diangkat oleh Ubikaya sebelum Zanetti patah balik sign baju aku...Probably I'm the only one managed to get his signature that day. For me, the sentimental value is bigger than getting to see Messi himself, Higuain, Pastore, Mascherano, Heinze,Demichelis ...or other Argentinian players on that day. What else you can ask more when Legendary Inter Captain signed on Centenary 100 yrs Inter Milan shirt. (probably Inter will retire his number near future)

(grandest collection)

My most grand collection - Live session autograph of Javier Zanetti on Centenary 100 yrs Inter Milan shirt with his name printed.

Today... argentina vs brazil.. 3 days in a row watching messi live.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Argentina vs Brazil(T-Day 1)

Yesterday(15th on the eve of Eid Mubarak,which were celebrated earlier 1 day from Malaysia) we went to see Argentina team training at Qatar Sports Club Stadium. Around 150 fan show up for the free entrance training.

This is few picture of what the goodies I've got for attending the training day.

Messi touchdown from the bus.

Luca Biglia sign on my wallet

Heinze sign on my 1 qtr.

Unfortunately only 5 player attended for the first session. Mascherano, Messi,Zabaleta, Biglia & Heinze.

To be continue today for Training day session II...probably more player will arrive today

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did I get HIV?

Today I stumble across this article on the internet. Now this is a reasonable factor. I'm not sure this is another internet propaganda or real fact.

How did we get HIV?.

Last time I make HIV test as well, in fact twice! (well is a free instant check during factory HIV speech) scare infected through "minyak gamat" due to its primary usage directly to heal cuts & wound. A ointment that relates direct touch with blood and after usage it is store with minimal amount of blood residues probably goes into the ointment. Anyway I found out this is not true.

How long does HIV live outside the body?

Learn more about HIV. Love yourself and fight the propaganda disbelief.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter Has Arrived

Today moderate rain around afternoon after detection of tremendous amount of cloud since early morning(but no fog).

The last rain previously on 16th May 2010 so take a regular cycle of 6 month as usual for the rain to come. Lets see if this time winter may reach below 10 Celcius.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kids Incorporated vs GLee

I'm sure all nu-fags blur what is Kids Incorporated?

I like this show, pasal time tu Martika punya intro song sangat patriotik berbanding Glee. ada pulak Jeniffer Love Hewitt idola kanak2 sebagai Robin.

-Lagu2 cover song Kids Incorporated lebih mencabar dari lagu2 Glee. Kalau tak percaya pi usha youtube.

-Artis2 kanak2 semua top notch..Glee watak2 berlebihan semua macam fags.

-Arnel Pinelda must be leave alone. Go away destroy the epicness of Arnel Pinelda.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Firesheep Effect?

jfcm kena hack,restored. kena hack, removed 1 new post which is not related to me.

facebook kena hack, sampai kena suspended...tunggu aje lah...

I wonder is it firesheep effect or uncleared cache?

Firesheep information here...

Last time i was nuked during IRC days...pc 233mhz force to shut down masa mIRC script wars. ...good old days.




Thursday, October 28, 2010


Perlawanan persahabatan yang buat pertama kali akan diadakan di antara 3 kelab peyokong bolasepak Non BPL terkemuka tanahair. Berikut adalah maklumat perlawanan persahabatan:

Tarikh : 13 November 2010 - SABTU

Tempat: TBC

Waktu: 8.30 PAGI - 11.45 PAGI

Pasukan : Juventus Club Malaysia, BarcaMalaysia dan MilanMalaysia

Ketua Pasukan : Juve (Pian), Barca (Cilok), Milan (Alfie)

Format: Ala-ala Trofeo Birra Moratti (45min/match - 22min first half 22 min second half)

Match 1 : Juventus FC Vs Milan Malaysia ( 45 minutes )
Match 2 : Milan Malaysia Vs Barca Malaysia ( 45 minutes )
Match 3 : Barca Malaysia Vs Juventus FC ( 45 minutes )

*Siapa2 yang berminat nak join under JFCM, please register through JFCM link provided.

Currently we on arrangement with news press to join on the day.

TROFEO ARMONIA Means The Trophy of Harmony... in italian

venue and further information development can be reached through this link (JFCM)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

England For A Day

...selongkar laci jumpa Mars England version. Lapar punya pasal, england pun englandlah..

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="rand"]

Makan je la..rasa sama je..cuma dia advertise England soccer team as per skin wrapper dia.

Dalam pembalut tu lepas makan ada tertera

England Team fact no.20

Teddy Sheringham holds the record for the fastest goal by a substitute - it took him just 10 seconds to score against Greece in 2001.

Yum yum cuci gigi sambil membaca fakta


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LiMiTeD EdiTioN : BLaCK HeaT

Limited edition spicy chicken mcdeluxe yang diperkenalkan oleh mcD.

cubaan mcd memertabatkan mcdeluxe yang sudah sedap tak terhingga dengan menambah lada hitam semasa proses menggoreng burger tersebut.

disertakan dengan limited edition fries shaker spicy yang sedap masin2 pedas...fuh.

pada pendapat aku, lebih baik dibiarkan begitu sahaja kerana original mcdeluxe = ace = gold version thing for sure, black heat ni confirm akan membuatkan kita berpeluh sedikit selepas makan akibat ekstraksi lada hitam yang overdose tu...

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="rand"]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Confession of a sleeper-gamers

Tak kira walau apa jenis console pun sekitar 6pm-7pm routine deja'vu poppy mesti jadi sleeper gamers.

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="rand"]

Deja'vu punya position kan?



Monday, September 27, 2010

Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe Terbaekk!!

Best McD innovative ever presented in Malaysia...Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe...sayang sekali asyik2 keluar as limited edition, beli Spicy Chicken McDeluxe x 2 lepas tu modified sendiri pun nikmat dia tak best macam beli single Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

Mora...i feel sorry for you, om nom nom nom nom

Monday, September 6, 2010

Coakie : Kezaliman ramadan tak terbatas

Shortly few  days after the "matinya seekor patriot", spotted another mother with full blown egg. This one very slow to escape and very easy to catch. I think that it is just about to burst.  As usual, trap a laid, and waiting for the sacrificial burst. This time I fancy to see the burst on upside-down position.

But today is a bad day since i've packed away my camera already today for my "balik kampung" trip, leaving behind nokia 5800 camera phone. So only 1 picture i can get on this latest burst as I would be glad to declare it as "LipasRaya"

That is the picture before i drown them all in cold water and see them choke to death...

Time to get new higher quality phone?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coakie Patriotic Death

This is the latest burst 2 days before Malaysia Independent Day...

I salut you till rot....

Check out other coakie stories on tags

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Juventus Transfer Summary 2010/11

Juventus Koyak....FUUUU to many loan!!!!

Signing average player and loaning unproven player on the last day transfer..welcome Rinaudo and Traore.

For me this signing clearly showing Del Neri has no confidence is his pre season build up and not have a clue to conduct "prestigous" club like Juventus. We are screw...and Molinaro must be laughing at Juve LB position by now while training in azzuri camp for estonia game.

My PERSONAL opinion on Juve transfer summary

the required : pepe,lanza,motta,bonucci

the unnecessary : martinez,rinaudo,traore,quagliarella,aquilani;storari;

the wildcard: krasic

the primavera uncounted: sorensen & utersee.

*if they can combine this 7 unnecessary players and properly plan to get 2 or 3 grade A player much better.

the best : removal of Poulsen & Zebina

the sad : removal of Diego & Seba

Camo & Trez can leave since nothing more to prove since paved away as legend or icon figure already.

my expectation :

1) lucky enough if can enter europa league next season 2) del neri to be sack around 15 games.

* Totenham got proven Van der Vaart for just 11 million, while we venture in to the unknown Martinez for 12 million.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Origin of Om nom nom nom

"Om Nom nom nom" is internet meme for saying through a mouth full of food.

Originally idea source from cookie monster, which can be elaborate from wiki

Anyway here a good history explanantion of how to  Om Nom Nom Nom

Bulan ramadan om nom nom nom....

thank you rocketboom!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 Tahun di Doha

Today genap 2 tahun duduk Doha, 3 kali ramadhan...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinasour in Doha

What does an Arab do when so rich with nothing to do?
You build a house with dinosaur theme decoration.

Click the pictures above to get larger view

I've passed through this house many times when I'm on my way to Villagio Mall after office hour. Always unlucky to take pictures since usually its dark when we've passed through this house.
But today by luck we went shopping earlier due to early office hour break regulation for muslim to leave after 2pm. So on our way to the shopping mall, its still daylight and I've managed to snap the picture of this famous house.

My imagination when i was young, inspired by the cartoon Duck Tales, Scrooge McDuck very own mansion silo-bank. do you imagine of constructing a house when you have this much amount of money?

Monday, August 16, 2010

5th Day of Ramadan,2010

5th Day of Ramadan,2010

berbuka puasa di studio,

setin baked bean Heinz yum yum
sekotak air minuman buah-buahan

best kan?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan 2010

I started taking picture for all the 1st ramadan since 2007.

2007, Kulim,Kedah
2008, NDIA Camp,Qatar
2009, NDIA Camp,Qatar

This year...same menu..

2010, NDIA Camp,Qatar

A fist of shallots mustered with rice flour,
1/2 banana cut,
1/4 apple cut,
1/8 watermelon cut,
orange syrup.
pinch of dates.
Look tempting?

Happy fasting everbody.

previous 1 ramadan iftar 2007 - 2011

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Missed the show..Pickcell 10 years reunion..

Alamak...ruginya...lagi 40 hari ja aku nak balik.....tak sempat join the geng...sampai hati tak tunggu aku ijam...
Takkan tak buat special appearance lagi? ....aku pun dah upgrade stuff sampling aku muahaha....

Gila la dah 10 tahun.....sat ja berlalu...tapi jiwa maseh muda tetap tegar dan gegar.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coretan seekor lembu yang emo...

Harini aku dapat satu email yang paling best... Aris, masa form 5 dok sebelah aku lagi...ini contoh melayu nak dakwah tapi diri sendiri bodoh. Lagi bodoh bila aku cakap elok2 since 1999 , no fowarding mail in this groups...pun maseh tak paham. Banyak tempat lagi hang boleh dok forward2.


--- In, mohd aris wrote:
> Ok lah bro, lu nak band gua , gua tak heran, gua forward benda baik, sama2 remind diri. Tak suka "delete" jer lah. gua tau la lu dah cukup ilmu kan, lu dah rasa cukup hebat kan, dok kat oversea. boleh blah!!!!!!!, sekali lagi BOLEH BLAH!!!!!!, gua tak heran la kat lu bro, orang lain rilek ja, keja kat oversea jgk, lagi kaya pada lu, lu dah dua kali sound gua, gua senyap ja, ini third time lu sound mcm lu bagus, PEGI MAMPOS!!!!.
> Gua pun nak band lu punya email. email address pun POYO jer. nickname POYO, nickname kat universiti pun POYO, geli aku dengaq, Budak2 lain semua ckp hang poyo kat belakang, hang tak tau. Aku nak band jer email address yg poyo2 mcm nih.
> Kepada kwn2 yg sama tak suka aku forward email2 keagamaan , keagungan ilahi atau maklumat2 tertentu tu, aku mintak maaf ok. No more "forward" email from me after this
> So sorry kawan2 yg lain yg dapat email ni, this will be my last email in this group. Dah ada org yg berkuasa dalam groups ni, anak polis, belum jadi polis lagi mcm Din. Din la ni jauh lagi baguih dr dia.
> Woi Imran Haris a.k.a tikus a.k.a Gary , sekali lagi hang
> sound aku mcm nih, aku akan band hang dalam hidup aku. Tak guna dapat
> member mcm ni. Malas aku nak jaga hati hang, hang pun buka reti nak jaga hati org lain pun.
> ok guys, see you in other groups or see you at kopitiam Bangi ke :)


Ni la lembu paling bodo di dunia...dok anti aku tak kasik forward bab2 chain mail keagamaan, tapi sendiri punya perangai macam lembu. Nak berdakwah..tapi dok kutuk orang tak tentu pasal. Semua firasat2 dia haram tak kacau mak bapak dia atau mak bapak kamu semua... aku poyo ka, aku anak pulis ka,bapak aku pulis ka, aku ada nickname cool ka....aku kerja oversea ka....kamu peduli bangsat apa? Orang cakap belakang aku aku poyo aku tak peduli bangsat apa pun. Suka hati la depa nak kata aku poyo. I tak kesah. Semua ini sunggu tak relevan teramat sangat. Teori kamu ni genius2 belaka, ala2 maha mengetahui. Sorry, tuhan maha mengetahui..bukan encik ya?

Dear lembu....sendiri mau ukur diri sendiri la kalau mau ultra hingaq. Dok kasik firasat sana sini tapi dok compare aku dengan orang lain...dengan hang sendiri tarak ka? Hang pikiaq sendiri la realiti hang kat mana aku kat mana la ni...hang patut ambik aku jadi teladan. bukan beza aku dengan orang lain atau tuhan. Baik hang sembang aku tak mantap dari Dr.M. atau hang sembang aku tak kaya or power dari tuhan...

Aris...kalau aku kawan dengan hang pun tak untung...tak guna pun....aku mati ka..aku jadi apa ka...hang bukan peduli pun...yang hang tau cuma conteng teori2 kelembuan kat aku.

Last kali aku nak cakap kat hang dan kepada sesapa yang kalau nak berdakwah pakai chain mail foward2 ni atau dok tulis status FB hardcore islam atau anti-israel..tok sah sembang lah....MULA2 kasi elok akidah dulu. pastu baik dok diam2 semayang 5 waktu dengan rukun islam dan rukun iman kasi elok dulu. Aku pun naik meluat tengok melayu2 ni dok berjuang secara hipokrit. Dok anti sana sini..tapi dok makan Mc D, tapi dok guna facebook israel buat dakwah...pastu semua kempen2 ni sat ja..angat2 taik ayam...aku jamin lepas setahun, 90% poster kat FB ni lupa depa tulis apa yang depa dakwah setaun yang lepas...

Kalau akidah mantap...aku sure tarak kecoh kat fb atau chain letter. sapa yang dah mantap mesti tau kaedah penyampaian dakwah yang halal,efektif dan munasabah.

p/s wei...nak ban lar bukan nak band. aku tanak main band dengan hang. aku nak ban hang.

"konservatif meleis go eat grass", i.harris, 27th July 2010.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Coakie neva dai...again!

Welcome to the fourth installment of the coakie trap story.

This is amazing. The mother manage to escape like 14 days ago leaving the egg alone. I thought the egg will rot due to premature life supplement. However i just leave it patched to my table under constant temperature of 22-26 Celsius. I bet it got rotten, but surprisingly today the egg explode...even though the burst creation of the underling is very few.

Anyway i will let them enjoy the trap. now bringing them home to torch with lighter.

Click on the image to view at larger size.

related coakie epic here

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Civet Coffee under threat


Source : Muslim group may ban civet coffee.

Kopi Luwak is made from hard beans that have been eaten by the nocturnal critters and then fermented in their stomachs before being pooped out and roasted.

"Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman talk about the most expensive coffee in the world in the movie..The Bucket List. "

I personally love Kopi Luwak. It has very strong taste. Best is without sugar or very less sugar. That is my preference to drink this coffee.

Try one yourself.......

Monday, July 12, 2010

I hate Howard Webb

Ladies and gentleman... i hate Howard Webb. IMHO, he is the best referee in the world this decade. I mean the best perspective of unfairness.

His popularity in world cup doesn't take so long when Italy (ALL HAIL 4-STAR CAMPIONI!!) got rob by Howard Webb.One time disallowed fine, but second to come....i say this is the best judgment ever.

1) He robbed Italy path to next round... we was the referee for Italy vs Slovakia.
1st disallowed goal

2nd disallowed goal

But wait.... the epic end with style on the final game itself.

Just check out the summary, fully detailed taken from

In a World Cup final, you have to be on top of your game. Last night, Howard Webb was anything but. In addition to several missed calls on corner kicks, the English referee’s decisions on fouls were downright disgraceful. Early in the game, he should have sent off Dutch midfielder Nigel de Jong for a high kick on Xabi Alonso that was nowhere near the ball.

Early in the second half, John Heitinga - who would later be sent off shortly before Andres Iniesta’s winner - was carded for a late, but soft, challenge on David Villa, after an eternity of deliberation. Moments later, Iniesta committed a similar foul on Arjen Robben, but escaped without a booking. In the 79th minute, Iniesta reacted to Van Bommel’s foul by lashing out at the Dutchman, and by the letter of the law, should have been awarded a straight red card.

In the closing minutes of regulation time, Robben was in full flight, having blown past Carles Puyol. On his way through, the winger was pulled back, which was just enough to prevent him from scoring. Puyol should have been sent off for preventing a clear scoring opportunity, and the Dutch should have had a free kick at the edge of the penalty area.

Finally, Eljero Elia was blocked off by Sergio Ramos in the moments before Spain broke forward and Iniesta netted the winner. Already controversial due to Iniesta’s previous offences, the goal would never have been scored if Elia had earned a deserved free-kick.

The Netherlands and Spain both deserved to win last night’s final. It’s a shame that Webb, and not the players, decided the result. The fans deserved better.

....................all this have to be remember. I love you Howard Webb.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Charice - Pyramid (e-duet cover)

I'm doing e-duet with Kristie Biascan on her piano cover which can be seen here Just bored today after jogging,, e-jamm with her..hahaha(Doha, Qatar)
Sorry my room is messy.Music is not very tight due to spontaneous jam...

Equipment, padkontrol + reason 4.0.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

keanu Day & H20

Best picture for Keanu day

Observe Keanu & the cycle, Chicken & the skate. Out of this world combination.

another picture grabbed from my fb this month

.......H20 = H to 0 = H,I,J,K,L,M,N,0

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jamming after work...

Best punya company..ada studio boleh jamming lepas time kerja. Overtime dok jalan vroom vroom
Me and my pinoys friend..

Playing cover by Paramore, Decode & Brick By Boring Brick...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Best drummer on youtube

A cover by ZZ Top...i don't know what band is this..but you all gotta see this, read the comments on youtube. This is the epic, the real deal, they excellency of entertaining drum. Out of this world.

This is the baddesst drummer since overdosed muppet (1:15-1:35) which hold so long previously in my number 1 spot. Nobody can do this..not even joey slipknot.

Frankie Costanza remains in top 3 counting days to be kicked.

Honourable mention which kick out from the list as of 2010 the famous youtube drummer, Cobus.
Please check Cobus work. Its worth to see his technical display.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I adore Zimbabwe footballer name

In conjunction with tonight Brazil vs Zimbabwe pre-world cup friendly, I did some wiki on the Zimbabwe soccer squad list

They have some amazing name such as Danger Fourpence, Energy Murambadoro, Honour Gombani

and honourable mention to Danger Fourpence team, CAPS United F.C, some funky name Blessing Mazorodze, Courage Denias, Pride Tafirenyik and Marvel Samaneka

Knowledge Musona from Kaizer Chief also a nice Zimbabwean name. Danger Fourpence & Courage Denias is a baddass name.

Anyway... nothing above beats Finland striker Teemu Pukki. No doubt this name will be in my top list for a very long time.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Facebook Trolling


Today i feel like to troll ....

Hayley William topless personal tweeter story > Malaysia big-salary soldiers kena attack..oo00 watever.

Tweeter in war? WTF....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coakie Life : We Seek Salvation

Hi, This is the next chapter from previous episode from Coakie Life Part 2

The interval of egg-splostion is less than 24 hours. The second one is awesome, I just punched in into the office and witness live ala-national-geographic style cursed birth. They still white and crawling into the trap. Few step into the planet earth and you stuck to condemn to your death.

The second mother on the right was already dead yesterday but the egg-splotion still occurred few hours later. The left mother still alive and watching all her underlings counting their step to the trail of death.

One thing for sure, when you prepare a motherly bait instead of foot bait, more coakie will be attracted, as you can see, in the customize sticky trap which is smaller just for the sake to prepare the egg-splostion cursed birth, you can find some stupid male cookie hooked into the trap also. Maybe a scent from the female.

I hope if there is any later edition we can bait up to 3 or 4 egg-splotions festival.

"We seek salvation, but end up in the sticky madness"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Burgerhunter : Here comes a new challenger

Cravings Kitchen & Bistro at Giza Kota Damansara Revealing 12 inch Tall Gourmet Burger

Price 12 inch” Cravings Monster Burger (RM25.90). Will it defeat Legendary Om Ampang & Steam Burger Kg Melayu Subang? But for sure its the longest available commercial burger compare to Fuddruckers 1 pound burger.

Definitely in my craving list on September. Hopefully it will still be available.. ...


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facebook Funpics

Minggu ni ada 2 picture best disedut from my facebook... canggih,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?

Today I'm going to share you some amazing Jewish art by Mr.Barnett Newman.He isson of Jewish immigrants from Russian Poland.
You might want to start checking his amazing collection of artworks from wiki.God bless wiki.Today I'm going to share you one of the best artwork he ever done.(credits to Mora).

Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?, 1966

A quuote from wiki,"Newman's late works, such as the Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue series, use vibrant, pure colors, often on very large canvases - Anna's Light (1968), named in memory of his mother who had died in 1965, is his largest work, twenty-eight feet wide by nine feet tall. "

Isn't the picture amazing?  I bet you can't draw or juicing an idea to create something epic like this...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Disturbing Movies

Up until middle 2010, below is my personal pick for the most enjoying and creative interpretation disturbing movie. Mind you there will be some soft porn, however all of it reflected to make the scene more interesting.

No doubt, this is #1, and will be in the top 5 for a very long time. The idea of combining trio people with sharing single digestive intestine. The idea of this story is simply lunatic.

Most disturbing moment : Front person eat, the poop enter to the second via connected mouth, and same goes to the third before she defecates.

This movie have excellent artistic scene camera shoot angles and effects. We have talking fox, which 100 better than Chesire Cat, and psycho couple in weird crisis.(comments below extracted from wiki)

Most disturbing moment : At this moment the female character suddenly attacks the male character, accusing him of planning to leave her, disrobing and mounting him, and crushing his testicles with a block of wood. While he is unconscious from the pain, she masturbates him until he orgasms, ejaculating blood.
It is unclear whether this is meant to be implied reality, or merely an imagined vision symptomatic of extreme guilt. The female character then takes a pair of scissors and severs her clitoris, letting out a tortured scream.

Another majestic storyline....about a teenage girl who has teeth in her vagina.(comments below extracted from wiki)

Most disturbing moment : As he realizes this, Dawn’s vagina bites off his penis. She releases it on the ground, and Brad’s dog eats it, spitting out the glans and Prince Albert piercing. Dawn leaves him to bleed to death.

Find your own time to check out this 3 weird disturbing films. It's a beautiful act for beautiful people to watch.


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