Thursday, November 18, 2010

Argentina vs Brazil(Game Day)

Yesterday was awesome... aku ingat game Argentina vs Brazil paling awesome...tapi ada lagi awesome suprise... Direct live jumpa Zidane, Alberto Parrera, Mario Kempes, Buruhchaga, Moustapha Hadji, Sami Al-Jabbar dan penyelit tak tentul fasal Alex Ferguson...hell yeah.. diorang datang terima "cenderahati" from Qatar gov...probably for WC2002 voting "gift".

(aspire stadium dari luar)

Gambar semalam...(sory kamera murah)

Half time 0-0, full time Argentina 1 Brazil 0, Messi (92th)

Seat aku agak ngam... 3rd from front. beli awal sebulan....sadly Qatar WC2002 in jeopardy last nite pasal ada hero main2 dalam padang(not sure capture live on tv or not)... and see how slow the fat staminaless police try to grab the hero...

Aku paling fuk orang2 macam ni dalam stadium, lagi mafaker dari peniup vuvuzuela...(although sapa bawak vuvu dan bendara bertiang kena remove before entrance)

1) datang main Blackberry fb chatting 90% of the game.. dok seat depan sekali plak tu..

2) datang mai guna camera phone nokia model low end cuba record 100% of the game..apa motif dia? dengan tangan bergerak keletihan..dan konfirm bateri akan abih sebelum game tamat (tak sempat snap pic)

3) datang mai pakai baju torres 9 spain (tak bley blah) when the game is Brazil vs Argentina

but this year ambience tak sepowerful like last year when Brazil vs England, but still ok.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Argentina vs Brazil(T-Day 2)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil-Adha. Setiap tahun genap aidil adha, mesti ada connection dengan geng2 serie A, dua tahun lepas tengok Juventus main, Legendary Captain - Del Piero just 10 meter dari aku. Tahun ni dapat closer to another Legendary Captain - Javier Zanetti, 0.5 meter ja. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.....

Why legendary?

1) As of 2010, Zanetti has not received a red card in more than eleven years. The last time he was sent off was on 17 February 1999 in a Coppa Italia match against Parma.

2)On October 20, 2010, at 37 years and 71 days, Zanetti became the oldest player to score in a UEFA Champion's League game when he scored a brilliant goal in the first minute of the game. Inter went on to win the group phase game against Tottenham 4-3. This was Zanetti's second Champion's League goal. The first one came in December 1998 when Inter played SK Sturm Graz

3)At Inter, Zanetti has had 15 different coaches (list), making him the only player to have played under this many coaches. His current contract with Internazionale runs until 2013 after he extended his contract at the summer of 2010.

4) More than 15 years plying trade to Inter Milan until the day I've posted this.


Today marked the second day for Argentina training session. Masa team arrive nobody got to see anything kerana semua player focused to rush into the stadium. Lagipun diorang sampai awal, aku pun sempat tengok halfway je players masuk stadium. Di Maria tersangatlah tinggi, Andres D'Alessandro tersanggatlah kerdil. Sadly, tak macam semalam(training day 1), this time around, siapa pun tak dibenarkan masuk. Its a closed session. So the best thing is to camp at the exit near the team bus prior to departure.

(crowd build up)

Gambar dia tas mencerminkan 15 minutes sebelum training habis. This is just like 30% of the real queue at the end.

We stand at the last line hoping the player will pause when queuing nak naik bas. Gosh apart from Argentina jersey, almost half of them pakai baju Messi. Only aku dengan Ansid(sebelah tu) ja geng Inter Milan... Kita orang dok kat spot sama from 7.10PM until 8.2oPM. Nekad. Mula2 bawak pen, poster and everything...but looking at the crowd, macam tarak harapan ja hari ni..

Finally the players march for predicted, memang diaorang tak berenti(just look on the video below)..kalau berenti pun 1-2 saat sign untuk budak2 ja. Aku simpan balik marker, angkat kamera taruk record view je lar..Aku pun sampai tak nampak apa2 dicelah kekalutan macha2 dan pare2 disitu...until Zahir zakap Zanetti marching..Check out the video..

Dengan lantas aku mencekangkan jersey belakang kadbod, kasi number "4" itu tersinar. Zanetti sudah kehadapan nak naik bas...lepas tu dia ternampak suatu yang familiar...bukan kertas, tapi "4" yang sungguh dikenali beliau. Tidak syak lagi, dia berpatah semula dari menaiki bas..aku menghulurkan baju itu...tetapi pen marker dalam poket. aku sempat kaut sebelah tangan,(sebelah pegang kadbod/jersey), tahan marker kat mulut sebab nak bukak penutup..last2 Zanetti tolong cabut pen marker dari mulut aku dan tolong sign. Tangan sudah penuh, tak sempat pegang kamera, redha je la apa yang record...

Orang lain pun tolak2 naik sign.. aku takut baju dia sign damage oleh marker2 berkeliaran, lantas terpaksa mengundurkan diri save baju tu seperti save yourself...tak sempat tengok remaining player yang nak blah.

(captain passing over ignoring the crowd)

Ini satu lagu angle diangkat oleh Ubikaya sebelum Zanetti patah balik sign baju aku...Probably I'm the only one managed to get his signature that day. For me, the sentimental value is bigger than getting to see Messi himself, Higuain, Pastore, Mascherano, Heinze,Demichelis ...or other Argentinian players on that day. What else you can ask more when Legendary Inter Captain signed on Centenary 100 yrs Inter Milan shirt. (probably Inter will retire his number near future)

(grandest collection)

My most grand collection - Live session autograph of Javier Zanetti on Centenary 100 yrs Inter Milan shirt with his name printed.

Today... argentina vs brazil.. 3 days in a row watching messi live.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Argentina vs Brazil(T-Day 1)

Yesterday(15th on the eve of Eid Mubarak,which were celebrated earlier 1 day from Malaysia) we went to see Argentina team training at Qatar Sports Club Stadium. Around 150 fan show up for the free entrance training.

This is few picture of what the goodies I've got for attending the training day.

Messi touchdown from the bus.

Luca Biglia sign on my wallet

Heinze sign on my 1 qtr.

Unfortunately only 5 player attended for the first session. Mascherano, Messi,Zabaleta, Biglia & Heinze.

To be continue today for Training day session II...probably more player will arrive today

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did I get HIV?

Today I stumble across this article on the internet. Now this is a reasonable factor. I'm not sure this is another internet propaganda or real fact.

How did we get HIV?.

Last time I make HIV test as well, in fact twice! (well is a free instant check during factory HIV speech) scare infected through "minyak gamat" due to its primary usage directly to heal cuts & wound. A ointment that relates direct touch with blood and after usage it is store with minimal amount of blood residues probably goes into the ointment. Anyway I found out this is not true.

How long does HIV live outside the body?

Learn more about HIV. Love yourself and fight the propaganda disbelief.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter Has Arrived

Today moderate rain around afternoon after detection of tremendous amount of cloud since early morning(but no fog).

The last rain previously on 16th May 2010 so take a regular cycle of 6 month as usual for the rain to come. Lets see if this time winter may reach below 10 Celcius.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kids Incorporated vs GLee

I'm sure all nu-fags blur what is Kids Incorporated?

I like this show, pasal time tu Martika punya intro song sangat patriotik berbanding Glee. ada pulak Jeniffer Love Hewitt idola kanak2 sebagai Robin.

-Lagu2 cover song Kids Incorporated lebih mencabar dari lagu2 Glee. Kalau tak percaya pi usha youtube.

-Artis2 kanak2 semua top notch..Glee watak2 berlebihan semua macam fags.

-Arnel Pinelda must be leave alone. Go away destroy the epicness of Arnel Pinelda.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Firesheep Effect?

jfcm kena hack,restored. kena hack, removed 1 new post which is not related to me.

facebook kena hack, sampai kena suspended...tunggu aje lah...

I wonder is it firesheep effect or uncleared cache?

Firesheep information here...

Last time i was nuked during IRC days...pc 233mhz force to shut down masa mIRC script wars. ...good old days.





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