Monday, May 31, 2010

Facebook Trolling


Today i feel like to troll ....

Hayley William topless personal tweeter story > Malaysia big-salary soldiers kena attack..oo00 watever.

Tweeter in war? WTF....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coakie Life : We Seek Salvation

Hi, This is the next chapter from previous episode from Coakie Life Part 2

The interval of egg-splostion is less than 24 hours. The second one is awesome, I just punched in into the office and witness live ala-national-geographic style cursed birth. They still white and crawling into the trap. Few step into the planet earth and you stuck to condemn to your death.

The second mother on the right was already dead yesterday but the egg-splotion still occurred few hours later. The left mother still alive and watching all her underlings counting their step to the trail of death.

One thing for sure, when you prepare a motherly bait instead of foot bait, more coakie will be attracted, as you can see, in the customize sticky trap which is smaller just for the sake to prepare the egg-splostion cursed birth, you can find some stupid male cookie hooked into the trap also. Maybe a scent from the female.

I hope if there is any later edition we can bait up to 3 or 4 egg-splotions festival.

"We seek salvation, but end up in the sticky madness"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Burgerhunter : Here comes a new challenger

Cravings Kitchen & Bistro at Giza Kota Damansara Revealing 12 inch Tall Gourmet Burger

Price 12 inch” Cravings Monster Burger (RM25.90). Will it defeat Legendary Om Ampang & Steam Burger Kg Melayu Subang? But for sure its the longest available commercial burger compare to Fuddruckers 1 pound burger.

Definitely in my craving list on September. Hopefully it will still be available.. ...


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facebook Funpics

Minggu ni ada 2 picture best disedut from my facebook... canggih,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?

Today I'm going to share you some amazing Jewish art by Mr.Barnett Newman.He isson of Jewish immigrants from Russian Poland.
You might want to start checking his amazing collection of artworks from wiki.God bless wiki.Today I'm going to share you one of the best artwork he ever done.(credits to Mora).

Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?, 1966

A quuote from wiki,"Newman's late works, such as the Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue series, use vibrant, pure colors, often on very large canvases - Anna's Light (1968), named in memory of his mother who had died in 1965, is his largest work, twenty-eight feet wide by nine feet tall. "

Isn't the picture amazing?  I bet you can't draw or juicing an idea to create something epic like this...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Disturbing Movies

Up until middle 2010, below is my personal pick for the most enjoying and creative interpretation disturbing movie. Mind you there will be some soft porn, however all of it reflected to make the scene more interesting.

No doubt, this is #1, and will be in the top 5 for a very long time. The idea of combining trio people with sharing single digestive intestine. The idea of this story is simply lunatic.

Most disturbing moment : Front person eat, the poop enter to the second via connected mouth, and same goes to the third before she defecates.

This movie have excellent artistic scene camera shoot angles and effects. We have talking fox, which 100 better than Chesire Cat, and psycho couple in weird crisis.(comments below extracted from wiki)

Most disturbing moment : At this moment the female character suddenly attacks the male character, accusing him of planning to leave her, disrobing and mounting him, and crushing his testicles with a block of wood. While he is unconscious from the pain, she masturbates him until he orgasms, ejaculating blood.
It is unclear whether this is meant to be implied reality, or merely an imagined vision symptomatic of extreme guilt. The female character then takes a pair of scissors and severs her clitoris, letting out a tortured scream.

Another majestic storyline....about a teenage girl who has teeth in her vagina.(comments below extracted from wiki)

Most disturbing moment : As he realizes this, Dawn’s vagina bites off his penis. She releases it on the ground, and Brad’s dog eats it, spitting out the glans and Prince Albert piercing. Dawn leaves him to bleed to death.

Find your own time to check out this 3 weird disturbing films. It's a beautiful act for beautiful people to watch.


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