Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kesedapan cokolat

Adik bawak balik dari London minggu lepas...Om nom nom

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Capers, Sentul

Not buying anything from that unit, but just to show the construction is nearing completion. Hari2 tengok dari from my windows.

Friday, February 14, 2014

KGB burger

Layan burger Sacre Blue and Seoul Chicken this week.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pesanan penaja Hello Abe Mie

Poster kebajikan di restoran feveret, Hello Abe Mie Station, Sentul.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Twilight Imperium Revenge 2014

Repeat malam kedua,

Yssaril Tribe win (lucky roll & lucky planet coin).
3 players 3 hours.

The Yssaril Tribes
Long ago, the ancient race of the Lazax ruled the cosmos. In a back corner of the galaxy, the Lazax colonized the smallish planet Retillion, harvesting the delicious menn root that grew there. For awhile, things were fantastic on Retillion – until the sneaky, aboriginal, green goblins that lived in the shadows there systematically kicked some Lazax butt. Over the eons, the various tribes of the Yssaril adapted to Lazax technology and took the stars, using subterfuge, stealth and their superior spies to spread like vermin throughout the colonized territories.
Game Advantage: Subterfuge. The Yssaril are the masters of the secret attack and sabotage. They draw one additional Action card per round, which means they are privy to a wealth of surprise powers, advantages and tricks. The Yssaril can also sneak a peek at one other opponent’s Action cards each round, providing them with very valuable information which they can use to subtly kick some butt at just the right Source
The Barony of Letnev
Just as you’d expect from any group that allows themselves to be governed by a baron, this race of hardened military types would like nothing better than to pin most of the galaxy under the heels of their jet-black jackboots.
Game Advantage: The Barony can use Trade Goods to give ships involved in space battles and ground forces involved in planetary invasions a boost for a round. Just possessing this ability allows the Barony a lot of leeway in negotiating space for their fleets to pass through; however, it does make it a bit harder for the Barony to open trade agreements since most races don’t like the idea of helping the Barony stomp on their faces later in the game. Oh, and the Barony can also have one more ship than their current fleet limitations allow, so that’s fun.Source
The Emirates of Hacan
A mostly-gentle and genteel race of Lionoids that prefer trade and peace over militaristic might. Don’t underestimate the Hacans, though – through the power of their mighty trade agreements, they are far from pussycats.
Game Advantage: Trade, trade, trade. No player can veto open trade negotiations when the Hacan are involved, and they also receive more trade goods than other races. Trade contracts may not be broken for any reason, and the Hacans can also trade coveted Action cards with other races. Source

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

Ikea at 9am during CNY 2014. Too much parking spot.

Twilight Imperium 2014

Balik Kuala Pilah raya cina.

Layan Twilight Imperium..ntah berapa lama tak main..

Malam pertama;

Xxcha Kingdom win by 1 round at 10 Vp.
3 player 5 hours.

The Xxcha Kingdom
 proud and really, really old race of giant space turtles who prefer diplomacy and politics, but who won’t hesitate to crush all foes under the weight of their reptilian shells.
Game Advantage: The Xxcha are in it for the long game – they get bonuses when executing the secondary ability of the Diplomacy strategy and are able to subtly manipulate the play of Political cards. The Xxcha are also a very defensive race in combat; opponents suffer a penalty on all opening rolls in space combat and planetary invasions. Source

The Universities of Jol-Nar
The brainy race known as the Hylar recognized ages ago that the true path to dominance lie in science and technology rather than brawn. The Jol-Nar seek to use their oversized brains to better serve their people – and enslave the rest of the galaxy for use in science experiments.
Game Advantage: Technology. The Jol-Nar start with some really useful technological advances, and can gain more fairly easy every time they execute the Technology strategy. The Jol-Nar don’t fair too well in a space battle, though, getting negatives on all their rolls. That’s ok, though, because any player not focusing on gaining technology for victory points when playing the Jol-Nar deserves to lose. Source

The Mentak Coalition
Pirates! Knaves! Rogues! In other words, sneaky, ruthless, annoying little bastards.
Game Advantage: The Mentak start with a decent fleet which they can use to annoy the crap out of everybody. Before any space battle, the Mentak can fire a pre-emptive volley with their cruisers and destroyers that can destroy opponents ships before they get a chance at return fire. If that weren’t annoying enough, the Mentak can also steal trade goods from up to two players every round. Yes, every round. Hey, Mentak – good luck opening up trade negotiations, you thieving punks. Source


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