Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Face Pippo

Boring today, since this weekend is a big game between Juventus vs AC Milan, I edit Pippo picture using MSPaint.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mari Belajar Metal

I found this good chart stumble upon forum today. However due to no credits by the original poster, i would not give credit to him either.

Anyway, this is a good BASIC reference of metal genre..which will continuously evolve.(click on the chart to zoom)

Good list, my favorite all time album is in the list. Beyond The Veil (Tristania) .It is essential. Been repeating this stuff hundred of times.Best ALL tracks in single album music arrangement ever constructed up until today.

Just that Nasum is missing from the grind list. Way much better than some listed there.

Regarding genre...for me(only) I don't give damn long play good to my ears.
I guess my obsession of classification a metal genre is time for that anymore..only happy listening.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Repost: Dinasour In Doha

This is the most read article for 2010.

What does an Arab do when so rich with nothing to do?
You build a house with dinosaur theme decoration.

I’ve passed through this house many times when I’m on my way to Villagio Mall after office hour. Always unlucky to take pictures since usually its dark when we’ve passed through this house.
But today by luck we went shopping earlier due to early office hour break regulation for muslim to leave after 2pm. So on our way to the shopping mall, its still daylight and I’ve managed to snap the picture of this famous house.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

From Qpost to FB(Feb)

Routine funky picture...

Masalah teknikal dijawab secara teknikal (from Cho FB thread)

Di petik darik qpost waiting parcel hari ini..

Tentu barua mak bapak Tuntu Barua kan?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dealing With The Dying

I've read a great article from The Star newspaper dated back on 24 Oct 2010, and I feel it was meant to be share with all. Somehow it was lost but now that I found it again, I'm loading it to the internet, before my real copy become permanently damage. Its about how to Deal With The Dying, written by Dr.Yau Weng Kong. For the rest of the story, just download from the link below and print.

The link to the pdf:  Dealing With The Dying

I don't know if this against The Star trademark infringement, please inform me if i neglected the act, so I can remove the pdf extraction from this site...again it was meant to share to those who can't afford newspaper or miss this great article.

On the dark side of the note,  you might want to look for this book as well.

The Complete Manual of Suicide

I cant read it since it is in Japanese. I am Japanese banana...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Malaysia Wacken 2011


Yeah...tak sempat post stuff2 yang sampai last 3 week. Today aku share all the goodies for this year Wacken ticket
(christmas is early this year)

ada tiket, flyer overkill, flyer wacken, dan 6 kupon non-halal burger king discount. Owh what is Wacken?

Wacken adalah festival metal yang terbesar kat muka bumi. Dari metal tokwan ke metal ntahapapa. Ini kira pilgrimage for any metalist living on the planet. Festival ground tetap di perkampungan Wacken sedikit utara Hamburg, Germany...malas nak taip..boleh baca kat Wiki Wacken

By the time aku post ni..confirmed band (konfirm best Capsplock)
TRIVIUM*AS I LAY DYING * CHILDREN OF BODOM*CRADLE OF FILTH*DEVIL DRIVER* HEAVEN SHALL BURN* SODOM*ICED EARTH *KREATOR*MAYHEM*MORBID ANGEL*MORGOTH*MOTÖRHEAD*SEPULTURA*SIRENIA *SUICIDAL TENDENCIES* TRIOSPHERE* AIRBOURNE*APOCALYPTICA* Avantasia*Battle Beast*Blaas of Glory*Blind Guardian*Blowsight*Bülent Ceylan*Accuser *Excrementory Grindfuckers*Exodus*Hail of Bullets*Hayseed Dixie* Hellsaw*Horch *In Solitude*Judas Priest*Khold*Knorkator *Onslaught*Ozzy Osbourne*Primal Fear*Rhapsody of Fire*Russkaja*Saltatio Mortis *Shraphead *Skálmöld*Ski King *Stier*Stormzone*Subway to Sally *Tauthr*The Aberlours*The Haunted*The Prophecy 23*The Smackballz*Tokyo Blade*Torture Quad* *Tsjuder*Venomin James*Victims of Madness*Visions of Atlantis*Volcano*Vreid*Warrant*

dan list will grow on... tahun ni tak bleh hesitate beli tiket dah..pasal ada MEGA TRIO band favourite aku main.. As I Lay Dying, Trivium & Children of Bodom. I'm not sure Sepultura will bring on Chaos AD era or not. For those going to wacken in future, buy ticket first think later(especially tunggu kawan2 confirm(mmg tak pi punya!)) Tahun ni tiket sold out today! Lagi cepat dari tahun lepas. Final 10k tiket habis tak sampai sebulan!

(owh shit...there goes my plan for hesitating...)

For other malaysian yang pergi tahun ni, just drop a post dalam thread ni so boleh contact join sekaki. So far aku lone ranger ja. Akhir kata...majulah metal untuk negara!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sapa Tiru Sapa?

I found this article from lowyat forum source, worth to share with you all,

Harimau Malaya

Gloucester City AFC

so sapa tiru sapa? here is the link for you to figure the answer....Malaysia ka England ka?

credit to AKace

Johor FA 2011 Sponsor

This post not intentionally for promotional advertisement, but to be proud using word "KULIM" as part of sponsor.

for more information of Johor FA

I'm thinking getting this jersey for the rare sponsorship.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hujan berkat di Doha?

Hujan sekejap harini.... cuaca kabur 2 hari berturut. Ini hujan berkat pasal Amauri kena loan keluar dari Juventus.


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