Monday, September 6, 2010

Coakie : Kezaliman ramadan tak terbatas

Shortly few  days after the "matinya seekor patriot", spotted another mother with full blown egg. This one very slow to escape and very easy to catch. I think that it is just about to burst.  As usual, trap a laid, and waiting for the sacrificial burst. This time I fancy to see the burst on upside-down position.

But today is a bad day since i've packed away my camera already today for my "balik kampung" trip, leaving behind nokia 5800 camera phone. So only 1 picture i can get on this latest burst as I would be glad to declare it as "LipasRaya"

That is the picture before i drown them all in cold water and see them choke to death...

Time to get new higher quality phone?


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