Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wacken Tips

Its been a month since Wacken 2011 passed. Yet I've still to blog my adventurous Wacken journal. However I do manage to write some important notes which hardly have in other Wacken related blogs.

Hope the notes below might help you travel to Wacken and feed the anxiety waiting for my Wacken 2011 journal. Lets go!

- Always check wacken website regularly for update, especially band line up. Once they announce 10k ticket left, i will be finish less than a month. That's critical!

- you will be unique. I guarantee people will ask where you from. and the chats goes on.

- don't hesitate to snap pics with people. they will let you take pic with them. from european hot chicks  to weird costume sh*t.

power rangers also like to party at wacken 2011

- merch you should put aside around euro 250 (towel e16, sweater around e40, shirts around e18-e28) , cd, boots, patch, stiker, bla bla bla

viking stuff anybody?

boots galore!

original printing from the 70s also available!

- camp & towel(no need to bring lah), consider to bring cheap for disposable. to be consolidated later by merch. You can upgrade you camp by getting much more expensive left overs camp on last day if you plan to bring back the camp.

- I never take bath for the whole 5 days. believe me. time hahaha...

- security wise? don't bother with safety box rent, people don't give a f**k your camp, however do lock your camp
- food is like e3.50-e4.50/meal, but consider to share since big portion. bir 0.5L is same this year e4.50 with NICE glass or e3.50 using same glass for refill. I got plenty of this glass with many pattern. 1L goes for e11.50, refill is 8.50.(better glass!!) i bring back 1 only due to backpack limitation.

look at my collection!

- try to land in amsterdam and stock up the grass. grass is cheap in joints(e3.50). you smoke in amsterdam and you smoke in wacken. again, people don't give a f**k you smoke grass. I have excessive grass and i trade off for camping chair with cyprus camp, since they advertise huge on their camp, they need the grass. amsterdam to hamburg just 4 hrs train around e50 average and a hostel will shrink your budget. don't worry, no custom or police on train to check your grass. depart through hamburg if you want or continue your european journey.

- be friend with camp neighbors. they will give you free bir. its the nature of wacken law.i guarantee that.

- best hostel in hamburg is meininger. A&O is cheaper with same rating, but when added with towel, same price with meininger(been both).you won't believe the comfortness of this meininger!

- flight, again, try to arrange from amsterdam, and take off back at hamburg. best of both world. just add around rm500-rm1k instead of separate flight travel to holland on another time...already 3k flight ticket alone cost!

- once setting back to Hamburg, might want to go to Reeperbahn(e50 flat rate to score with any pros,bigger than Amsterdam RLD.),Miniature Wunderland(e12) make advance booking! and free entrance Hamburger DOM festival.

- i saw many people bring in DLSR this year. Shouldn't be a problem. Spotted a 70/200mm also, but consider bringing portable since you cannot expect when it will rain.

- Bring you national costume and wear, caught naked, and you probably will be banned?
don't try this at

- avoid all cost toilet at camp area. you can piss at fence or middle of road. people don't care. but to bake your cake, go at festival area, toilet is cleaned every time a people checked out from the bowl. its free.

- breakfast, go to wacken village just outside camping/festival area. most of the thing is cheaper by 1 euro.

- try to check and shout Malaysian will come to wacken this year bla bla bla.. in Wacken FB. This is where i met and arrange with another 2 malaysian fellow going together to wacken.

- In my opinion a group of 4 maximum is a best bet with high flexibility.

- IMPORTANT : if you really badly need autograf of specific idol, please queue among 1st in line. the window time is limited around 20 minutes, and those people infront of you take will their time long chatting with their idols. once window time off, you left to sad missing current stage show and empty handed autograf.
2.5hrs queing(skipped Avantasia) to get this legendary picture! Sepultura!

I am avid Trivium fan especially the talented Matt Heafy!

Hail to Mike Muir! My idol during school days!

Warm welcome from Hamatom!

One of my favourite band as well, Hellsaw, even give me lighters.

- MEGA IMPORTANT : If you really feel want to go..DON'T WAIT for your indecisive friend to confirm, just click "buy" and then start budgeting. Chances indecisive friend will go is 0% actually. I miss 2010 because of this sh*t. Ticket is expected to sold out early month of every year. As i am typing now, 30,000 out of 80,000 allocated already sold.


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