Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wacken #2 : As I Lay Dying

First there was Trivium, then there was AILD, next..book my ticket to Wacken. Helloween & C.O.B inclusion in a bonus.Two band, back to back continuously play on 5th August. Just by accident when browsing youtube AILD Within Destruction and decided to listen to all stuff. The latest album Powerless Rise show sign of maturity on song & musical arrangement. I love the technical & guitar break display by this band.

Bila lagu ni didendangkan...aku akan saka....my most anticipated song Wacken 2011!

Bila lagu ini putar, kita akan lupa rupa siang dan malam..creatively composed!

Within Destruction 999% pogo + 999% total banging! INSANE INSANE INSANE!


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