Monday, August 1, 2011

Wacken #3 : Helloween

Now this is where my metal obsession really started. It was 1992, a bit late but it come to this band where all my interest in metal flourish and end up seeing them in Wacken. My friends preferred listening to Metallica stuff but I like Helloween more. Missed the Singapore show few years ago..very poor that time. Will not miss this one, with Kai Hansen & Micheal Kiske joining Avantasia on this year Wacken as well, it will be a great combo for me.

I think they will play most of the best classic favorite.I just prefer  listen to Helloween stuffs up to Master Of The Rings album only. 25 years and the band still strong. The Best, The Rest, The Rare remains as my 2nd best metal album just below Tristania - Beyond The Veil.

 Thank you Helloween!

The song that turn me intometal head until today...change my life forever!

I can still sing this 13 minute song...the lyric is eternal remembrance

One of my personal favorite song together with Sole Survivor


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